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410 410s Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil

410 Similar grade from different country standard

S41000  SUS410  1.4006  1.4000  06Cr13  S11306  0Cr13

410 Chemical Component :

C:≤0.08-0.15 ,Si :≤1.0 Mn :≤1.0 , S :≤0.03 ,P :≤0.040, Cr :11.5~13.5 ,Ni :0.75 Max,

410 Mechanical Property :

Tensile strength :  > 450 Mpa
Yield Strength :  >205 Mpa
Elongation (%):  > 20%
Hardness: < HRB96
Bending Angle: 180 degree

410S Same grade from different country standard

S41008  SUS410S

410S Chemical Component :
C: ≤0.08,Si: ≤1.0 Mn: ≤1.0, S: ≤0.03, P: ≤0.040, Cr: 11.5~13.5, Ni: 0.6 Max,

410s Mechanical Property :
Tensile strength: > 415 Mpa
Yield Strength: >205 Mpa
Elongation (%):  > 22%
Hardness: < HRB89
Bending Angle: 180 degree

Simple description about Ferritic stainless steel
Usually, ferritic stainless steel include 409, 410, 410S, 420, 430, 430Ti, 439, 441, 434, 436, 444, 446, 445/447

Category 1 (409 409L or 410 410s). This type of steel has the lowest chromium content in all stainless steels and is therefore the cheapest and most suitable for use in environments where there is no corrosion or slight corrosion and where there is a slight localized rust. The Type 409 stainless steel was originally designed for the muffler of an automotive exhaust system (external corrosion). Type 410 stainless steel is commonly used in containers, buses, and long-distance limousines as the outer frame of LCD monitors.

Category 2 (Type 430). It is one of the most widely used ferritic stainless steels and contains a high level of chromium. It has good corrosion resistance and most of its properties are similar to that of 304. In some applications, it can replace 304 stainless steel, and it is generally used indoors with sufficient corrosion resistance. Typical uses include washing machine drums, interior panels, etc. The typical 430 is often used as a substitute for 304 for kitchen facilities, dishwashers, pots, and pots.
Category 3 (including 430Ti, 439, 441, etc.). Compared with the second category, this type of brand has good weldability and formability. In most cases, its performance is even better than 304. Typical uses include sinks, heat exchange tubes (sugar industry, energy, etc.), automotive exhaust systems (longer than 409), and welds in washing machines. Grade 3 can even replace 304 for higher performance applications.

Category 4 (including types 434, 436, 444, etc.). These grades increase corrosion resistance by adding molybdenum. Typical applications include hot water tanks, solar water heaters, automotive exhaust systems, electric heating kettles and microwave oven components, automotive trim strips, and outdoor panels. The corrosion resistance of 444 steel is comparable to 316.

Category 5 (including 446, 445/447, etc.). These grades improve corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance by adding more chromium and containing molybdenum. This grade has better corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance than 316. Typical uses are coastal and other highly corrosion resistant environments. The corrosion resistance of JIS 447 is comparable to that of metallic titanium.

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