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304/304L Cold Rolled Stainless steel sheets

Sample of 304/304L Cold Rolled Stainless steel sheets

304 Same grade from different country standard

304  S30408  06Cr19Ni10  0Cr18Ni9  S30400  SUS304  1.4301

304 Chemical component ASTM A240 :
C:≤0.08,Si:≤0.75,Mn:≤2.0,Cr:18.0~20.0,Ni:8.0~10.5, S:≤0.03,P:≤0.045,N:≤0.1

304 mechanical property ASTM A240 :
Tensile strength :  > 515 Mpa
Yield Strength :  >205 Mpa
Elongation (%):  > 40%
Hardness:  < HRB92

304L Same grade from different country standard
304L 1.4307 1.4306 SUS304L 022Cr19Ni10 00Cr19Ni10 TP304L S30403

304L Chemical component  ASTM A240:

304L mechanical property ASTM A240:
Tensile strength(Mpa):  > 485
Yield Strength (Mpa): 170
Elongation (%):  > 40%
Hardness:  < HRB90

General Description about 304/304L

Compare to coil, strip, the 304/304L sheets is also the most commonly used material, usually sheets be used by punching and bending as certain size for all kinds of application.

The stainless steel cold-rolled sheet is calendered on the basis of a stainless steel hot-rolled sheet (annealed pickling is generally No. 1 surface). Generally there are 2B, 2D two surfaces, 2D surface is rough, 2B surface is matte, finer, 98% on the market is 2B surface, so generally speaking, stainless steel cold-rolled sheet refers to stainless steel cold-rolled sheet 2B surface. The stainless steel wire drawing plate is processed on a 120#, 180# or even 240# 320# drawing machine on the surface of stainless steel 2B, 2D and even NO.1. Since the hot-rolled surface generally has a large sand hole, it is not suitable as a decorative material and is only used in a very small number of specific industries. Since the stainless steel cold-rolled sheet (especially the surface of 2B) itself has a smooth surface and the effect of the drawn drawing board is good, the stainless steel drawing board which is commercially available is generally made of stainless steel 2B surface.

The stainless steel cold-rolled sheet refers to a steel sheet which has been cold-treated, pickled, and smoothed by a matte roll. Generally used for rust, corrosion and decoration.

Stainless steel cold rolling can be divided into four states: low cold work hardening (DY), semi-cold work hardening (BY), cold work hardening (Y) and special cold work hardening (TY).
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