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"TISCO Special Train" Carries 1000 Tons Of High-Grade Stainless Steel To Russia

On May 4th, the "TISCO special train", which was loaded with 1000 tons of high-grade stainless steel materials, moved out from the Taiyuan Bureau of China Railway and sent to Moscow, the capital of Russia. This is the Taiyuan active docking "The Belt and Road construction", for the first time through the trains to communicate with the European market.

"Taiyuan special train" will exit from Manchuria and eventually arrive at Ole Hawa Zoe Leiva station in Moscow, 8800 kilometers. The smooth operation of "TISCO special train" has been strongly supported and coordinated by the provincial government, customs, railway departments and the Shanxi provincial Party committee. The railway department also specially sent door-to-door service to confirm the loading procedure at the scene. With the joint efforts of all people, the loading, reinforcement, inspection and sealing of boxes were completed in only 5 days.

It is understood that the stainless steel products loaded on the train will be delivered to Russia's largest stainless steel processor, which is one of the largest trading partners of Taiyuan Steel in Russia. In the past, the trade contacts between the two sides, Taiyuan Steel needs to send products from land to Tianjin port, and then by sea to St Petersburg, Russia. Customers will be transported back to Moscow with trucks. They need to be reloaded on many times, not only is it bad for product packaging and quality, but the whole cycle takes about 60 days. The transportation by train only requires one loading and unloading, and the transportation time is greatly shortened. It only takes about 15 days.

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