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TISCO Has Developed the Thinnest and Tearing Stainless Steel in China

Recently, the "hand tear steel" fire, thickness of only 0.02 mm, this is another independent research and development, can replace imported products by TISCO , after the "pen tip steel" in 2017. It is known to be one of the thinnest stainless steels in China. Only a quarter of the thickness of A4 paper is "hand-torn steel", which can be easily torn apart. The product has been monopolized by Japan, Germany and other countries for a long time due to its difficulty in process control.

The size range of stainless steel precision strip is generally between 0.05 mm and 0.5 mm, and less than 0.05 mm is called stainless steel foil. At present, the market is mostly 0.05mm soft stainless steel, this research and development of 0.02mm stainless steel is higher than the forefront of industry standards, this ultra-thin stainless steel is mainly used in aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, electronics, household appliances, computers and other fields.

The appearance of the thinnest stainless steel not only breaks the long-term foreign monopoly, but also improves the manufacturing technology of stainless steel foil to the world's leading level. In August 9, 2018, a 600 kilogram stainless steel with a thickness of only 0.02 millimeters was shipped from Shanxi to Germany. Therefore, TISCO has become the only enterprise in the world that can produce wide-width soft stainless steel precision foil products in batches.

Since 2018, the proportion of high-end products exclusive to or substituting for imported products in the product line of TISCO precision strip company has increased greatly, reaching more than 70%. Meanwhile, the proportion of direct suppliers is over 50%. The competitiveness and efficiency of the enterprise have improved significantly.
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