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Thailand Strengthens Control Over Chinese Steel Products That Are Transported To The United States V

According to BangkokoPost in July 3rd, the government of Thailand is upgrading control measures to prevent China's steel and aluminum products from entering the United States market from Thailand in order to avoid us tariffs. Recently, the United States claimed that when inspecting imported goods, it was found that some of the steel and aluminum products from Thailand originated in China.

Wanchai Varavithya, Deputy Minister for foreign trade in Thailand, said the United States has accused Thailand of indulging other countries to use Thailand's local operating sites to achieve a transfer to circumvent the anti-dumping or countervailing measures taken by the United States to protect local industries.

"The United States says other countries are avoiding the tariffs that have to be paid when they export directly to the United States through transit and assembly in Thailand," Wanchai Varavithya said." The ministry of foreign trade will cooperate with customs authorities to restrict steel imports and exports. We will send the list of antidumping products and company names under article 232 to our customs counterparts for verification and comparison.

Wanchai Varavithya said that the primary task of the Ministry of foreign trade is to establish a local product database involving tariff avoidance. For example, the abnormal rise of the value of export products will further examine the products suspected of dumping.

Some overseas investors have chosen to operate steel mills in Thailand after obtaining factory licences, prompting local steelmakers to call on industry authorities to be more cautious in approving factory licences.

Wikrom Vajaragupta, head of the Thailand iron and Steel Research Institute, said the two risk factors facing the Thailand market are the influx of China's steel to the Southeast Asian market and the establishment of new steel plants by overseas investors in Thailand. "Local producers are unable to compete with steel giants from China.
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