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Japan'S Third-Largest Steel Producer Was Exposed To Malicious Tampering With Data

In October of last year, Japan's old Steel Corp, Kobe steel, was exposed to the scandal of tampering with data. According to Japan's Kyodo news agency in April, 25 Daily said, the special search department of Tokyo local procuratorial believes that in the tampering of the data on this issue, Kobe steel system is suspected of repeated violations of the whole enterprise. According to reports, the special search department will also cooperate with Tokyo police department to launch a series of investigations.

The special search Department of the local procuratorial office in Tokyo believes that on the issue of data tampering, Kobe steel has a suspicion of repeated violations of the entire organization, suspected of violating the "Anti Unfair Competition Law", so will cooperate with the search Department of the Tokyo police to investigate the Kobe steel.

Earlier in March, according to the third party survey, Kobe steel altered 23 mills' quality data of copper, aluminum, and other products. The products that will not meet the requirements are supplied to the customers as qualified products, which are used to make Shinkansen, aircraft, etc., involving a total of 688 companies.

It is reported that this violation has been going on since the 70s of last century, about 40 people involved in the violation, 3 senior executives, including the executive director of the company, said they have already known violations, but they have not reported to their superiors, nor did they take any measures to stop it. Tokyo prosecutors also believe that data tampering is not led by specific individuals, and maybe the participation of the whole organization.

Kobe steel is the third largest steel manufacturer in Japan. Besides stainless steel products, it also produces non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum as well as industrial machinery. The company exposed data fraud scandals in October last year and tampered with some test data of copper and aluminum products. On the 1 th of this month, Kawasaki steel chairman Kawasaki Bo has resigned.

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