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Introduction of Embossed Perforated Sheet Metal

Embossed perforated sheet metal is a new type of material that has been popular in construction industry in recent years. It refers to the special metal plate made of perforated holes on the surface, which consists of perforated aluminum plates, perforated stainless steel plates and perforated brass plates. It is usually used as a building surface to reduce noise and avoid direct sunlight because of its relatively thin material and variable surface hole shape.  Holes in the surface of an embossed perforated sheet metal are well designed. It is a decorative material that can be made in advance. For example, the specifications of the hole can be based on the preferences, and are designed for circular holes, square holes, triangular holes and Pentagram holes. The density of the holes can also be adjusted and changed. After arranging and assembling, the patterns can be made to show rich facade effect. Moreover, embossed perforated sheet metals also possess the characteristics that other facade materials do not possess. It is neither the full transparency of the glass facade, nor the full closure of the brick, but the "semi-private" effect. The human eye will automatically capture the high-brightness properties. Therefore, when the outdoor brightness is greater than that of the indoor, people who stand outside will only notice the overall pattern of the perforated metal plate facade, while the interior appears hazy. In contrast, people who are indoors can see the bright scenery outside, so skillfully using the visual choice of people, handling the transition of the internal and external space -- It not only protects indoor lighting, but also confers privacy.
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