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Etched Design Stainless Steel Sheet

Installation method  The etched design stainless steel sheet is usually decorated with 201 or 304 material with a thickness of 0.6-2mm. According to the thickness of stainless steel plate and the decorative parts, installation methods can be divided into two types: keel with bottom plate, keel without bottom plate. Generally, the panels with a thickness less than 1.2mm usually have a plate with a keel. The panel with thickness greater than 1.2mm is usually installed with a joist without bottom plate. The former is mostly used for interior wall column or moisture proof and waterproof position. The latter is mainly used for decoration of outdoor walls, with keel welded with keel and light steel keel.  The above construction process basically includes the following steps:  1. Installation of dragon skeleton:  The installation process of the base dragon skeleton can refer to the construction process of wooden keel or light steel keel, and check the verticality and smoothness repeatedly.  2. Fixed base plate: plywood with thickness of 5-12mm is generally used for the base plate. The construction method and requirements are the same as the ordinary wooden cover panel construction. However, when the keel is a light steel keel or Angle steel keel, it shall be drilled on the keel by electric drill, and the bottom plate shall be fixed on the keel by self-tapping screw, and the screw head shall not be higher than the bottom surface. 3. Fixed panel: before the installation of color stainless steel plate, the finished product shall be shaped according to the design size and modeling requirements. When there is a base plate, paint the base plate and stainless steel back with multipurpose adhesive, and paste the prepared stainless steel plate on the base plate gently. When there is no bottom plate, the pre-processed stainless steel plate is fixed on the light steel keel or directly welded on the keel;  4. Edge closing: edge treatment, filling and sealant at the interface between stainless steel for decoration treatment. 5. Use the soft dry cloth to wipe the colored stainless steel surface and tear the protective film on the surface. Decorative features of etched design stainless steel sheet Modern people's pursuit of life, the requirements for interior wall decoration are also constantly improved, So the design of adornment material also develops ceaselessly, the material that can regard adornment also is more and more, for instance coating, wall paper, chromatic stainless steel etch boar. Different materials have different properties, so the decoration effect and precautions are also very different. The biggest problem with wallpaper, for example, is that it gets mildew. Mildew is usually due to excessive moisture in the air for a long time, which leads to mildew on the wallpaper. In particular, the two spaces in the kitchen and bathroom are the most likely to cause mildew in wallpaper. At this time, we might as well use color stainless steel pattern etch plate to replace wallpaper decorative wall, make a variety of pattern and color, which is more expensive than wallpaper, but in the long run, it is worth it.
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