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Environmental Protection Has Been Upgraded Again

On the 28 day, Shagang Group, the largest private iron and steel enterprise in China, has been criticized by the Ministry of ecological environment for the long-term accumulation of millions of tons of steel slag and other industrial solid wastes on the Bank of the Yangtze River due to.

According to the information, Shagang Group and Yong steel group have been stacking steel slag at the Bank of the Yangtze River for a long time. The total amount of storage is up to 2 million 300 thousand tons, only about 800 meters from the waterline of the Yangtze River, which directly threatens the safety of the water environment of the Yangtze River.

In response to the feedback from the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate, the Zhangjiagang municipal Party committee, the municipal government and shagang group immediately deployed to complete the reform.

About the problem of dust pollution, Shagang will invest 2 billion 140 million yuan upgrading project.

Aiming at the problem of steel slag violation, Shagang will speed up the cleaning of existing steel slag and reduce the amount of steel slag by more than 50% before the end of 2018, and carry out ecological restoration work immediately.

In view of the problem of landfill, Zhangjiagang has commissioned a professional organization to prepare a clean up plan, and will implement it immediately according to the plan, and classify all kinds of garbage cleaned out according to the plan requirements.

At the same time, the Suzhou city and Zhangjiagang Municipal Supervision Commission intervened to investigate and deal with the party and government cadres who have lost their duties such as poor supervision, lack of examination and approval and lack of responsibility.

Huaxiao Stainless Steel, as one member in the society, we will follow the environmental principles to protect our home.

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