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Deep-drawn Steel Applications

It is widely used in punching enamel products, automobiles, food packaging and other industries. It requires good strength, surface quality, deep-drawing performance, anti-aging properties.
In the past, cold-rolled sheet products were rolled by boiling steel ingots. Since the continuous casting could not boil boiling steel, three alternative steels for boiling steel continuous casting were developed.
(1) Lu Bande Steel
Its chemical composition is (%)C0.03-0.06, Si0.03-0.08, Mn0.35-0.45, A10.004-0.015. Its essence is low-carbon low-silicon killed steel.
The key to this steel smelting is to control the oxidation of the molten steel. For this reason, MnFe was deoxidized in the furnace before tapping. According to the direct oxygen concentration, the amount of Al added is adjusted accurately. During continuous casting, the pulling speed is as high as possible to prevent pinholes and air bubbles.
(2) Quasi-Boiling Steel
Its chemical composition is (%) C0.04, Si0.0l, Mn0.25, P0.015, S0.014, A10.006, N0.0022. This steel is deoxidized without Si and only deoxidized with a small amount of Al. The biggest problem in production is how to control the degree of deoxidation so that the molten steel does not boil in the crystallizer and does not generate. subcutaneous pores.
(3) Aluminum killed steel
It is a low carbon low silicon plus aluminum complete deoxidation steel.
Continuous cast steel requirements are as follows
1) Keep acid-soluble aluminum in copper stable at 0.02-0.05%;
2) Prevent the A1203 water shutoff in molten steel;
3) Minimize the inclusions in the slab and increase the cleanliness of the steel so that the total oxygen content in the steel reaches 20 ppm.
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