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Deep Drawing Steel

Deep-drawing steel has excellent formability and excellent uniformity of properties. It is a gapless steel with a very low carbon content and the addition of alloy stabilizing elements. It is a steel that does not age.
Deep-drawing steel performance refers to changes in the thickness direction of the steel plate and changes in the plane (length and width direction) when the steel sheet is press-molded. If there is a difference in performance on the plane, ears may appear. If the performance is not good on the thickness, leakage will occur. Usually deep draw performance is represented by r value. Its tin plate used for food packaging (such as cans, cans) has stricter quality requirements for continuous casting billets. Its characteristics are as follows:
1) The final product thickness can reach 0.1-0.18mm, requiring steel with uniform mechanical properties and deep drawability;
2) The steel must have a high degree of cleanliness, and the inclusion of large particles >50μm in steel must reach a level of 1 mg per 10 kg of steel or less;
3) very good surface quality, favorable coating adhesion;
4) The sulfur and phosphorus content in the steel is as low as possible to increase the corrosion resistance.
We need to determine the cleanliness requirements for continuous slabs based on the different uses of deep-drawn sheets (such as enamels, galvanized sheets, and tinplates). In general, the following points should be noted when continuously casting such steels:
1) To control the oxygen content of the molten steel, control [A1] in the steel within the specified range;
2) The overheat degree of molten steel in the tundish is 30°C;
3) Full protection pouring to prevent secondary oxidation;
4) The mold powder should have sufficient Al2O3 absorption capacity;
5) Play the metallurgical role of the tundish.
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