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Deep Drawing Quality Feathers

DDQ (deep drawing quality) : It refers to the material used for deep drawing (rushing), which is what we call the soft material. The main features of this material are high elongation (≥ 53%), low hardness (≤ 170%), internal grain grade of 7.0 to 8.0, and excellent deep drawing performance. At present, many companies that produce thermos flasks and pots generally have higher processing ratios (BLANKING SIZE/product diameter). Their processing ratios were 3.0, 1.96, 2.13, and 1.98, respectively. SUS304 DDQ material is mainly used for these higher processing ratio products. Of course, products with a processing ratio of more than 2.0 generally require several passes of stretching to complete. If the raw material extension is not reachable, the product can easily produce cracks and pull-throughs when processing deep-drawing products, affecting the qualification rate of finished products and increasing the cost of the manufacturers. It is mainly used for materials other than DDQ. This material is characterized by relatively low elongation (≥ 45 %), relatively high hardness (≤ 180), and internal grain size in the range of 8.0 to 9.0. Compared with DDQ, its deep drawing performance is relatively poor. It is mainly used for products that can be obtained without stretching. For example, spoons, forks, electrical appliances, steel pipes, etc. However, it has an advantage over DDQ materials in that BQ properties are relatively good, mainly due to its slightly higher hardness.
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