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China's Ministry Of Commerce Responds To The U.S. A. Restrictions On Imports Of Steel And Aluminum P

In response to the decision of the United States to take restrictive measures on the import of steel and aluminum products, the director of the Ministry of Commerce issued a statement on 9th, saying that the US side took the name of national security and carried out the reality of trade protection. On the basis of assessing the losses caused by the US measures, the Chinese side will take strong measures and resolutely safeguard its legitimate rights and interests.

Washington time March 8th, President Trump signed the order that imported steel and aluminum products threatened the national security of the United States, and decided to levy a comprehensive tax on imported steel and aluminum products. The tax rates were 25% and 10%, respectively, but temporarily excluded products from Canada and Mexico.

"Most of the steel and aluminum products imported by the U.S. are civilian products," said Wang Hejun, director of the ministry of commerce's trade relief bureau, "which would not damage the national security of the United States. The abuse of the 'national security exception' clause in the US is the wanton destruction of the multilateral trading system represented by WTO, which will surely cause a serious impact on the normal international trade order, and China firmly opposes it."

Wang Hejun said China has noted that the US action has caused strong opposition from the European Union, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, Turkey, Russia and many other WTO members, and will strongly counter the US's erroneous actions. China has expressed China's position and concerns through multi-level and multi-channels, and has made a solemn negotiation to the United States.

Wang Hejun emphasized that the measures not only hurt the interests of other countries, but also did not accord with the interests of the United States. Congressmen, industry organizations and enterprises had strongly opposed the measures. The Chinese side urges the US side to respect the authority of the multilateral trading system and revoke the relevant measures as soon as possible.

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