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Application of Precision Stainless Steel Strip

Application of precision steel strip Stainless steel precision strip has been widely used in various sectors of national economy, such as industrial and civil, because of its high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation, machinability, wear resistance and exquisite decorative appearance. And with the progress of science and technology, the development of national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, its application fields are continually expanding and extending. It has been widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, textile, electronics, household appliances, computers and precision machining industries. The demand for products has also increased rapidly. Generally speaking, the application industry can be divided into the following two categories:  1) precision strip products for high-end industries: aerospace industry, petrochemical industry, medical devices, instrumentation;  2) precision strip steel products for mid-end industry: Electronic information industry, household electrical appliance industry, kitchen and table utensils, architectural decoration industry, hardware industry. According to the survey results related to the industry demand ratio, the details are as follows: (I) homemade precision cold rolled strip: 28.5% of electronic components, 23.5% of computer parts, 0.4% of medical equipment, 6.6% of metal protective tube; (ii) imported precision cold rolled strips: 372 % of LCD, 23.1 % of computer parts, 13.4 % of electronic components, and 7.9 % of household appliances;  (iii) general cold rolling belt of the mill: 37. 2% of construction decoration, 13. 8% of household utensils, 12. 3% of kitchen and toilet equipment, 12. 0% of hardware products.
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